Earl Grey Lemon Cookies

Sugar free, gluten free, dairy free

Question of the day: Do you write grey or gray?

However you write it, these cookies don’t care! The taste will forgive you!

Now you might cringe at the idea of putting tea leaves in baking, but trust me, it works! I love lavender and lemon together, so naturally I had to try my favorite tea flavor – EARL GREY! I feel like a great cuppa tea has so many calming attributes.

Some tea facts :

  1. TEa is really popular. It is over a $40 billion dollar industry.
  2. Green and Black tea are made from the same plant.
  3. Tea Smugglers are a real thing (hello 18th century)
  4. Black tea has oxalate (chemical compound) in it which can cause renal failure when ingested often. Be aware.
  5. Some cultures add butter to tea. In Tibet, it’s called po cha .
  6. There is a wrong way to prepare tea.
  7. No two teas are the same.

Tell me, what is your favorite tea?

Go ahead and give these gems a try. Let me know when you do. Use the hashtag #bramblecollectivefood so I can see! <3

Go forward into the weekend with a grateful heart,

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are dairy free, gluten free, and sugar free.

Welcome Friday!!!! & hello Sara’s Kitchen Chaos! I usually do a video with a wacky chaotic pieced together cooking tidbit…but just not feeling it lately!

Food blogging and blogging in general feels so unimportant to the whole as a world. Wars, weather, death, viruses….is there any room for joy through writing?

I’m going to keep writing. It feels like a purpose right now. I have a yummy GF/DF/SF recipe for you today. Realizing that I am a chaotic, messy baker, I do not have the “proper” technique of sharing how I bake! I literally just throw things together most days!

Without further adieu….here’s the recipe: Enjoy or don’t! It won’t hurt my feelings. I just needed something I can munch on without guilt that still follows my Thyroid Journey with food! <3

PC cookie scoop = Pampered Chef – I am not a rep, just love their products!

I pray your weekend is full of whatever it is that you need to get through these times. Forgive where it’s needed, fuel your body with good things, forget the past….

Keep moving forward…

When the mood for pumpkin strikes…

Inspiration strikes EVERYWHERE!

I am still loving my pumpkin haul from October’s pumpkin patch! I was able to freeze about 8-2 cup bags! I also have 4 cups still sitting in my fridge. So when my friend, Megan over on Instagram posted her pumpkin chocolate pudding, I knew I needed to make a version I could eat!

Enter in my Vegan Chocolate Pumpkin Pudding…GF<DF<SF<LC

Don’t ya just love all the acronyms?

*gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, low carb*

I am loving this special treat I can enjoy as an afternoon snack or an after supper dessert! You could also pretty it up with some whipped cream of your choice! Maybe throw a cherry on top, make it your own! Without further a do….

I hope you give this a try! If you do, let me know what you think! Use the hashtag #saraskitchenchaos when you do!

Peace, love, & pancakes (or maybe some pumpkin?),

Coach D ✌️