So….I’m an organizing…specialist!?

2021 has begun with me doing some updating of education! I’m having fun with these projects and to start I’m working on my own home as well as a few close friend’s homes!

I have just finished up my first course – Certified Organizational Specialist!

Stoked to put all my new found knowledge into practice starting in my own home! What better place than to make your family guinea pigs?! 😀

Here are some of my first tackles!

Labels are from Canva! Free resources are always beneficial when organizing! There is a free version , as well as a paid version. I 99% of the time use labels and other resources from here!

I am diving into shelves today! If you could organize only one room in your home (no limit on budget!) what would it be? This is not about painting or ripping out walls. It is about decluttering, purging, organizing. So, where would you begin today?

I cannot wait to get started with you! Whether virtually or in home, let’s work together and get organizing!