Unplug: Boundaries & Priorities

We had pressed pause on our schooling for about a week. We ran out of ink….dun dun dun…

What a world we live in hey? Everything is at our fingertips. Technology being the fastest mode of communication. Hearing and seeing things when they happen, as they happen.

I am grateful for this communication. But have you stopped to unplug lately? The first question my husband asks in his Restart First Computer Solutions biz…”Have you tried restarting your computer?”

It is quite a thing to simply unplug. Reset.

Take some time away from devices.

Take time to study a book.

A scripture.

A piece of art.

Play a board game.

Read a book.


Spend time in nature.

Spend time with your creator.

All of these are beautiful ways to reset your heart, mind, and soul.

Now this is coming from me, someone who runs her entrepreneurial biz 95% online. Yet, I realize the importance of keeping my cup filled. I try my best to unplug, step away and reset when I need to. I recognize when my cup is drained…when I feel myself crashing with the busyness of mamahood, coaching, homeschooling, and being an empath…I take a step back to refocus, rejuvenate, reset so I can come back and do my best work….raising and teaching my babies, coaching my clients, and prioritizing my empathy (hello turn off the news!).

Likewise, taking a moment to set up your boundaries and priorities is at the top of the mountain of lists that one should recognize as importance. Those boundaries become your peace of mind when it is time to think about unplugging.

Go into this weekend with a new look at your boundaries. I am here if you have any questions on where to start! Sometimes your mental health depends on this more than you know.

Peace, love, & decaf,