Hi, my name is Sara, and I struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder.

I just closed 13 tabs so I could sit and write for 15 minutes without that distraction. My kids know that it’s park time in 30 minutes. My brain allows me to write, but only when the itch strikes.

Story time:

My last job was back in 2016. I loved it! I was working part-time at a health food store. The knowledge was pouring in and I was absorbing every morsel. I only stayed there for 2 months. (in that 2 months I also was on holidays for 2 weeks) I came home from those to be told that I was on the verge of losing my job because of the way I worked. Start a job, move to the next, help a customer, get sidetracked, move back to the first job and so on. That’s how I work. That is literally my life in a nutshell. (I quit my job, because I am stubborn and at the time didn’t know I had a problem.)

I’ve had a dozen jobs since I was 15 –hello 20 years!

Since this situation, I’ve come to understand what I am going through. It also opened the flood gates that explained so much of my life as a child and early adulthood. University would have been that much “easier” if I had the resources to deal with ADD.

I now have two sons who exhibit similar behaviors.

Present Day:

This morning, during my devotions and bible time, I was listening to a podcast on leadership from Craig Groeschel titled ‘Your Most Focused Year Ever. I don’t want to just pass the time by in my life. I want to be focused on what matters the most. I want to be a leader in my immediate family, as well as leading women from all over the world.

I’ve been focusing on – not necessarily the wrong things – but too many things. Too many directions. I have one too many tabs open in my brain. I need to become focused on what God has for my life and the rest will either fall away or happen at some point in my life. I am not ready to balance 9,124 ‘things’ in my life.

  1. daughter of the One True King
  2. wife
  3. mom
  4. health and wellness coach
  5. makeup artist
  6. landlord
  7. traveller
  8. caregiver
  9. cancer patient
  10. ADD
  11. maker of things (crafts)

Some of those are dreams, some of those are works in progress. All of them are on my horizon this year. Obviously momming and wifehood will be around for awhile. Cancer, I am going to kick it’s ass to the curb. ADD I will be managing continually. Travelling is on the back burner. I do plan on travelling locally and exploring our beautiful Saskatchewan prairies in 2021!

My distractions?

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA How can something I run my business from be a distraction? EASY. I get so wrapped in scrolling, especially when my mood is sour. But ya know what? It puts me into an even bigger funk! Go figure! (insert sarcasm here)
  2. The devil. He is a liar. He wants to see us fail. He doesn’t have any good about him. The minute your feet hit the floor he looks for ways to torment.

I challenge you to take a listen to the podcast above. Secondly, women and mamas especially…catalog your to-do’s, your dreams, throw em on a vision board. What is thee most important ticket on there? What can you scrap? How many hours can you save without distractions? You’ll be amazed at the productivity level after you become focused on the best year yet.

Peace, love & cheesecake,

Coach D ✌️