Stick to it Mama

Full Moon, halloween, end of the month….change in weather….I don’t really know.

My offspring have made it near impossible for me to focus this week. Nevermind me, but their attention spans seem to be that of Dory (Finding Nemo anyone?).

This week has been crunch time for a few things. I am part of an online tradeshow, 12 Days of Christmas (thanks Allyson!), I am speaking at a homeschool retreat this week as well as leading a fitness sesh, while I am super grateful for all of these opportunities, I am finding myself straying from keeping the house in balance, teaching the munchkins, dreaming of our future home, and contemplating heading back into the workforce (part-time). All the while, worrying about an election I have no control over, worrying about my friends and family in these insane times…on top of not being quite sure if my prayers are being heard….God, can you hear me?

The song Truth Be Told by Matthew West hit me this past weekend.

I say I’m fine, yeah I’m fine oh I’m fine, hey I’m fine but I’m not

I’m broken

And when it’s out of control I say it’s under control but it’s not

And you know it

I don’t know why it’s so hard to admit it

When being honest is the only way to fix it

There’s no failure, no fall

There’s no sin you don’t already know

So let the truth be told

This hit home, and I released everything to God! It felt so amazing to just let go. It will all work out. The kids will settle, we will find the perfect house, the things I worry about seem so small compared to the big picture of heaven.

So, I just need to keep on praying, trusting, following, believing, speaking the truth….and just keep swimming!

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  1. Ahh I have had some same things going on!!! I did same as you!!! Chad kept saying no matter what remember Jesus knows and is allowing all things to happen and keep our eye on the bigger picture!! I cleaned, took a bubble bath then read in hammock yesterday and released!! Released it ALL to HIM!! Hugs and Prayers ❤️❤️

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