Can you have too much chocolate?

I have a yummy protein packed recipe for you today!

Chocolate Protein Pancakes!

Two of my favorite things chocolate + breakfast! Can’t go wrong there! <3

I could never understand how people could go for hours in the morning without needing/wanting to eat breakfast. Most people I spoke with were too busy, too tired, didn’t feel like it, ran out of time, etc….These are the solution. Make ahead, freezes well, grab and go, protein packed, good for you….checks all the boxes!

This gravy pourer by Curtis Stone is my second favorite kitchen tool! It gets all the lumps and chunks out of not only gravy, but pancake batter! BONUS!! A kitchen tool should almost always have a multi-purpose function to end up in my kitchen!

I do use Beachbody products, I do support and suggest them wherever I can. I will never force you to shop with me. Just know that I am here if you ever do want to try any aforementioned products in my baking! I’d love a rating on this! Your feedback is how I can improve!

I hope ya’ll have an amazing week ahead.

keep moving forward always,


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