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Hello there!! I feel like this is a perfect time to tell you about our homeschooling journey!

We have been homeschooling for 4 years! So, in reality we are just amateurs but in so many ways not. I am a second generational homeschooler. Although I didn’t stick with it for too long, I am proud to say that my mom had a hand in me wanting to educate our children at home.

My husband wasn’t always on the same page. I prayed many prayers for God to give him a change of heart. Thank you Jesus that that time came!

I pulled my teenage daughter out shortly into her grade 10 year. Times were tough for her, wrong crowds and such. We just completed our family earlier that spring with baby #6, and little did I know, I was heading for a mental breakdown.

Things were rocky that first year. But I think we both came out of it stronger! The second year was when we pulled our 3 other children from public school. Circumstances were changing in the system and we felt it was time. Diving into the home education world was an interesting perspective. I learned lots of valuable pointers from the HSLDA & SHBE, as well as other mamas & HS groups around our community. I strongly recommend grabbing a membership from SHBE (saskatchewan) to help advocate for you if ever needed!

This year we are continuing with the Gather Round Community by Rebecca Spooner. We have found it valuable and well worth the cost surrounding this curriculum. As with everything, there is a cost involved with home education. But so much freedom and family bonding has come from this opportunity. Thankful for the freedom to raise and educate my family.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your own journey with Homeschooling or schooling in general. I am by no means a teacher with a degree, but I am confident in teaching the kiddos what needs to be taught in this day and age.


Coach D


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